How To Build a ChatGPT Resume: Benefits and Tips
Written by James Bunes, Author • Last updated on June 20, 2024

What Is ChatGPT and AI?

Chat Generative Pre-trained Transformer, or ChatGPT, is an AI program developed by OpenAI that uses natural language processing technology to help people interact with computers more naturally. This program has plenty of use cases and one of them is building resumes. Using ChatGPT to make resumes streamlines the process, making your job search easier and more effective. This blog post explores how to write a ChatGPT resume and level up your application.

Is it acceptable to use AI tools and ChatGPT to make a resume?

The short answer is yes.

Leveraging AI tools is increasingly common, but opinions on the use and ethics of this software vary on the organization. 

Many companies are impressed by candidates who use modern technology to enhance their resumes. However, some organizations might consider it unethical or “cheating.”

For the most part, jobs in the tech sector are more likely to approve and jobs with old-fashioned hiring managers, who don’t fully understand AI tools, are more likely to disapprove. To avoid unethical claims, we recommend you always review and edit your AI resume personally and don’t just copy / paste what ChatGPT gives you.

Let’s quickly review the top benefits and drawbacks of using AI to write resumes to help you make your decision.

The benefits of using AI to write resumes

Using ChatGPT to write resumes presents a wealth of benefits:

  • Helps you ideate and inspires new thoughts.
  • Assists job seekers who aren’t skilled writers. If you’re a programmer, you shouldn’t have to need keen writing skills to secure your dream job.
  • Saves time and streamlines resume creation

AI resumes can be effective and ethical when you use the right best practices. But before we get to the tips, let’s quickly review the disadvantages.

The drawbacks of using AI to write resumes

ChatGPT resumes also have a series of pitfalls:

  • AI isn’t perfect and could get things wrong. It might use the wrong descriptor or have incorrect grammar.
  • ChatGPT doesn’t know you specifically, so it could suggest qualifications you don’t possess

Overall, you can create a superb resume with AI as long as you don’t hastily copy / paste. Critically examine its suggestions and use a human touch.

We’ll discuss our strategies next.

Tips on using AI Tools to make a resume

Here are our top tips and tricks on how to maximize your use of ChatGPT for resumes, giving you an amazing edge over the competition

Tailor your resume to the job description 

ChatGPT is the perfect tool to match your resume to a job description, helping you build a better ATS resume.

Tailoring your resume to a job posting is a popular tactic to catch a hiring manager’s eye. Using the same keywords as a job description makes your application stand out in an applicant tracking system (ATS), increasing your odds of being seen.

Here’s how to do it. First, write a comprehensive prompt in ChatGPT. Try something like:

  • Write resume achievements with metrics based on this job description

Then copy the job description of the role you’re applying for and paste it into ChatGPT.

The AI will then create work achievements that match your chosen job description, saving you enormous amounts of time and effort.

Get specific and creative with AI prompts

A prompt is how ChatGPT knows what information you need, so it pays to get specific on what you want.

Customize your prompts to your situation, personality, job title, education level, and industry. Be as specific as possible and you’ll get better results.

You can even request that the AI write in a certain tone of voice, use a specific word count, or leverage specific keywords.

It’s also important to know that you can use multiple prompts at once. Here are a few example prompts to get you started: 

  • Write three resume achievements with metrics based on these job responsibilities 
  • Build an exciting summary for a job application using my resume and the job description below
  • Use the job description below and highlight six skills I should showcase

Review and edit all AI content 

AI software is amazing, but it isn’t perfect.

Always critically review and edit all content that ChatGPT gives you – never copy and paste its suggestions verbatim.

These tools always have a small chance that they’ll produce spelling and grammatical errors, but more pressing, they may suggest achievements and skills you don’t possess.

Even with specific prompts, job descriptions, and even using your own resume, ChatGPT could suggest information that doesn’t align with your professional qualifications and background.

Use ChatGPT like the tool it is. Leverage its strengths and streamline your work, but always apply the human touch.

Expert Tip:

Besides reviewing AI resumes yourself, it’s also important to ask for human feedback from others. Ask friends, family, and colleagues to review your resume and give their honest thoughts. Alternatively, you can also ask for advice on online forums or social media like LinkedIn.

Edit your current resume

Using ChatGPT is a quick and easy way to update your current resume.

It might need a quick polishing, or maybe you just haven’t updated it in a while. You might also need to quickly incorporate a new skill you just learned.

Use creative prompts to edit your resume, ask for feedback and advice, or tailor an existing resume to a new role.

We recommend asking the AI for exciting power words, refreshing your experience and achievements, or doing a simple grammar check.

ChatGPT and AI can help create a compelling resume

AI technology helps job seekers build powerful resumes and cover letters faster and more efficiently. It provides people with a helpful assistant that can help them brainstorm ideas and apply better formatting.

However, it’s always important to tread carefully. At the end of the day, ChatGPT is a tool that creates content based on information and prompts based on other people’s input. This means it has a chance to produce incorrect or misaligned content.

That’s why we stress that you don’t copy everything it produces verbatim. Copy / pasting could lead you into trouble quickly.

AI software is an excellent tool for assisting resume creation and ideating, but that’s what it is – a tool. Like resume templates, they’re a valuable resource to assist a human in building an amazing resume.

If you leverage it right, and honestly tell hiring managers who inquire, you might even impress an employer who loves that you’re using modern tools.

Building a ChatGPT resume is a lot like asking a friend for advice. Take their best suggestions, rework some ideas, and simply don’t use what doesn’t work.

“Use ChatGPT like the tool it is. Leverage its strengths and streamline your work, but always apply the human touch.”

Write a ChatGPT Resume and Showcase Your Skills

Using AI to write resumes has both benefits and drawbacks, but with the right strategies, you can reap only the benefits.

Perfectly tailor your resume to your target job description, edit your current resume, and impress tech-savvy hiring managers by using ChatGPT to write resumes. 

Just remember to use a critical eye and examine all the content it gives you. Using your human skills is key to getting the most out of AI tools.

Experiment on ChatGPT and AI-generate some great content. Then take the suggestions over to CVwizard’s Resume Builder to create an effective resume in moments.

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