A Guide to Writing the Perfect CV Objective

A Guide to Writing the Perfect CV Objective

A well-written CV objective can be one of the most effective elements of your CV. It introduces you, summarises your main strengths and outlines your career ambitions. Crucially, it’s one of the first things hiring managers will read. This means you need to think carefully about your CV objective, and take care when writing it. In this article, we discuss how to write a CV objective that will make a positive impression on employers.

What is an objective and should you have one on your CV?

It’s common to include an introductory statement at the top of your CV that summarises your qualities. This could either be a CV summary or a CV objective. Both introduce your key skills and summarise your experience. But the CV objective also adds some information about your career objectives and explains why you’re applying for the job.

Employers don’t typically spend more than a few seconds reading each CV they receive. As such, a concise statement at the top of the document can make it easy for recruiters to quickly understand if you’re a viable candidate.

A CV objective can be particularly useful in several situations. If you’re just starting out in your career, your ambitions might be more important than your previous experience. As such, it’s useful for employers to know what your plans are, and how this role fits with your career journey. Equally, a CV objective can help explain a change in careers, and the decisions you’ve made surrounding your career choices. Additionally, CV objectives can provide context and background to freelancer CVs, offering background information on the freelancer’s career goals.

Writing a powerful CV objective

Writing a powerful CV objective comes down to three things: tailoring it for every job application, being honest and avoiding clichés.

  • Tailor your objective: pay attention to the key skills listed in the job description, and mention skills and achievements that reflect the requirements. Explain your motivation for applying for each specific role, and how it fits with your career ambitions.
  • Be honest: don’t exaggerate, but instead be clear about your skills and experience and let the hiring manager decide if you have what it takes. Be up front about what you want to achieve in your career, as this will tell the recruiter a lot about your suitability.
  • Avoid using clichés: industry jargon and recruitment clichés are your enemy when constructing your CV objective. Your paragraph should be fresh, insightful and personal to you. Choose action words and skills that highlight your unique qualities.

In addition to these, it takes practice to craft a compelling and impactful CV objective. You might not strike the perfect balance the first time. So try different combinations and see what works best.

Expert tip:

Use your CV objective to explain your ambitions and your reasons for applying for the role. Employers will want to see how this job fits with your career goals and objectives, but also why you want to work for the company. Think about the company’s reputation and strengths, and mention what attracted you to the organisation.

Structuring the objective

The ideal CV objective is two or three sentences long. It’s essential to make it concise, and as relevant as possible to the job description. Every word counts in your CV objective, so think carefully about what you want to include. You should aim to summarise your key strengths, your experience and your career ambitions in a way that draws the reader in and encourages them to read on.

The first sentence (or two, if you’re writing a three-sentence summary) of the CV objective generally includes an explanation of your experience, and what you consider to be your key skills or achievements. Pick out one or two skills that you consider to be your main strengths, and that define your style of working. Explain how you’ve used these skills to gain success in previous roles.

The final sentence should explain your objectives and motivations for applying for the role. It’s essential to tailor this for every different application, as your reasons for applying may change depending on the company. Aim to explain your motivations in a way that shows your enthusiasm and commitment, both to the role itself, and to your career development.

CV objective examples

Take a look at these example CV objectives for inspiration when drafting your own:

Marketing executive:

Skilled in digital marketing techniques and campaign planning, with a keen eye for detail and a flair for creativity. Looking to take the first steps towards a career in marketing, where I can use my skills to develop innovative campaigns in an environment that encourages career growth and progression.

Office manager:

A highly organised and professional office manager with experience in administrative tasks, facilities management, bookkeeping and diary coordination. A proven track record of improving efficiency and productivity to create high-functioning office environments. Seeking to put my skills and expertise to use with a dynamic and ambitious market-leading company.

Nursing roles:

A skilled and passionate nurse with a track record of exceptional care and strong, trusting relationships with my patients. Experienced in administering medications, coordinating treatment plans and maintaining medical records. Aspiring to work for a company with a reputation for outstanding care and service, and to develop my nursing skills in a supportive environment with opportunities for further training.


An experienced accountant with expertise in budgeting, forecasting, financial reporting and regulatory compliance. Detail-oriented, with advanced analytical skills and strong communication skills. Looking to put my knowledge and experience to use with an ambitious start-up, with a pathway to senior financial management positions.

Logistics manager:

A dynamic and driven logistics manager with a track record of delivering exceptional results in supply chain operations, inventory management and transportation logistics. A strategic thinker with a passion for delivering outstanding customer service, while fostering a healthy and supportive workplace culture. Looking for a role where I can develop my leadership qualities and drive continuous improvement in operations and logistics.

Sales executive:

Motivated, results-driven sales executive with a track record of exceeding sales targets and building strong, long-term client relationships. Strategically minded with skills in trend analysis and excellent networking skills. Searching for a sales role in a challenging and demanding workplace where I can drive growth, develop client relationships and diversify revenue streams.

“It takes practice to craft a compelling and impactful CV objective. You might not strike the perfect balance the first time. So try different combinations and see what works best.”

Dos and don'ts when crafting a CV objective

Follow these tips to craft an effective CV objective that really packs a punch:


Keep it concise: the shorter, more concise the CV objective, the greater its impact. Consider every word and keep your summary to a maximum of three sentences.

Make it personal: always make sure your CV objective says something personal about your unique qualities and strengths. This will help it to stand out from the crowd.

Tailor it to the job description: review the job description and reference the key skills and experience included in it. Always adapt your CV objective for the role you’re applying for.

Highlight the company’s qualities: when mentioning your ambitions and career plans, explain why you’re applying for the job. Highlight the qualities and strengths of the company, so the employer can see what’s motivated you to apply.


Use clichés: a CV objective filled with clichés won’t stand out from the crowd. Try to use simple, clear language and avoid industry jargon wherever possible.

Add irrelevant details: your CV objective should be a carefully and meticulously honed paragraph summarising your skills, experience and ambitions. Focus on highlighting skills and achievements that show you can do the job, and cut out anything irrelevant or unnecessary.

Lie or exaggerate: while it might be tempting to paint a more positive picture of your qualities and skills, lying on your CV usually does you no favours. It can set unrealistic expectations and come back to haunt you at a later stage of the recruitment process.

Key Takeaways for a Perfect CV Objective

Your CV objective can make or break your chances of job application success. A carefully crafted, impactful CV objective sets the tone for your CV and catches the attention of the employer. Make sure you tailor your CV objective for every application and concentrate on highlighting your skills, experience and ambitions in a clear, concise way. The presentation of your CV can also make a big difference to your job prospects. CVwizard offers a wealth of tools, including CV templates and a library of CV articles, to help you craft a winning CV. Sign up today to get started.

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