Electrician Resume Examples

Electrician Resume Examples and Writing Tips

Electricians are a crucial job role, ensuring the comfort, safety, convenience, and productivity of millions of people. You have the skills and qualifications to maintain complex electrical systems, but if you don’t have a great electrician resume, you can’t convey that experience to hiring managers. This article has the main sections to include, actionable tips, and realistic electrician resume examples to get you started.

Key Sections to Include in a Resume for Electricians

An electrician resume follows the same structure as most typical resumes, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t require a role-specific touch. Electricians must place importance on technical skills, professional certifications, and their dedication to safety.

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A resume header must include clear, succinct contact details. If hiring managers want to discuss the role with you, they need easy access to your contact information. In this vein, it’s also a good idea to add a variety of details so recruiters can contact you in the way that’s most comfortable for them, whether it’s via phone, email, or LinkedIn.

Ensure your resume header includes:

  • Full name
  • Job title
  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Location (city and state)
  • LinkedIn URL

Here’s an electrician resume sample header:

William Haderlitz
New York City, NY

Resume objective or summary

The summary may be the first – or only – section of your resume that the hiring manager reads. If this section isn’t exciting, relevant, and powerful, it will be the only part they read.

Ensure you capture the recruiter’s interest by describing your top achievements and experience in just two to four sentences. It’s also an opportunity to display your personality and values, helping show your cultural alignment.

Here’s an exampe resume summary for an electrician:

“Certified electrician providing over 8 years of professional experience in residential and industrial electrical applications. Completed over 1000 repairs and 500 installations, achieving a 98% customer satisfaction rate. Skilled with diagnosis and project management, from conception to completion.”

Work experience

Work history is the most important part of your electrician resume. Hiring managers need to see that you have the right education and certification, but they’ll dig deep into your work experience to make sure you’re the perfect fit for their role.

Start each entry with your job title, and then add the company name, location, date of employment, and a bullet list of accomplishments. We recommend listing two to four work experience entries, usually spanning the previous fifteen years (and no further).

Here’s an sample work experience entry for an electrician:

Starline Industries, New York City, NY
November 2019 – February 2023

  • Reduced installation time by brainstorming new processes, leading to a 25% increase in efficiency
  • Executed emergency repairs, reducing downtime by 40%
  • Maintained a record of 100% on-time completion of all tasks, including repairs, installations, and safety maintenance


Most electrician roles require certain certificates and licenses, so take the time to list them. Provide the name of the certificate, the institution where it was attained, and the date you received it. It shouldn’t take up too much space – this section can be brief but powerful.

Note: Although college degrees aren’t often necessary, it’s still important to provide them if you have them.

Here’s an example education section for an electrician to inspire you:

Master Electrician Certificate
NYC Department of Buildings

Bachelor of Electrical Engineering
The City College of New York, New York, NY
2010 – 2014

Hard and soft skills

Skills shouldn’t take up too much of your resume, but they’re still an essential section, particularly technical skills. Recruiters need to see that you have the relevant hard skills to complete complex repairs and installations, including the safety know-how to ensure solid compliance.

Here are the top technical skills for electricians:

  • Electrical repairs
  • Safety compliance
  • Electrical equipment proficiency
  • Electricial installations
  • Blueprint analysis
  • Electrical wiring
  • Building codes
  • Preventative maintenance

These are the most important competencies to list. However, soft skills are also important for electricians. We recommend listing at least three of them. Here are the main ones to consider:

  • Organization
  • Communication
  • Problem-solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Reliability

Depending on the role, you may want to put hard and soft skills in their own brief sections to keep things organized, rather than just one section simply called “Skills.” You can see examples of both in action in our large variety of resume examples.

Optional sections

Several sections fall into this category; volunteer work, hobbies and interests, and languages aren’t necessary for every resume, but they can be a strong addition for the right role.

For example, adding your Spanish language skills makes you an attractive candidate for a position in a Spanish-speaking neighborhood. The ability to comfortably communicate with clients in their native language enhances their experience during electrical repairs.

Additionally, providing your hobbies may help align you to company culture. If the organization is passionate about outdoor activities, such as taking regular company hikes, listing your fondness for the outdoors helps you stand out.

Tips for Writing an Electrician Resume

You’ve got the basics. Now let’s review the tips that take your resume from good to great.

Touches like tailoring your resume to the job description and quantifying your achievements can go a long way with only a little effort. Let’s take a look.

Quantify your work achievements

Any electrician can list out their daily tasks: performed installations, made repairs, completed safety maintenance…

But this doesn’t tell hiring managers much. Recruiters need to know why you’re the exact person for their open role, and plainly discussing responsibilities just tells them that you went to work every day.

Quantifying achievements is the act of adding measurable percentages and numbers to display your success. It allows you to put tangible results on your accomplishments.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Upgraded lighting, leading a 20% decrease in power consumption while maintaining overall performance
  • Collaborated with a team of 4 electricians to build a plan that decreased overall project time by 10%

Tailor each resume to the application

An electrician has a wide range of skills, qualifications, and work experience. You can’t possibly fit it on one resume – and you shouldn’t.

Examine the job ad you’re targeting and take note of which qualifications they want, and then tailor your resume to match it. For example, if the employer specifies attention to detail, ensure to mention that in your skills section.

This not only makes your resume more relevant to the role, it’s also the largest step in making an ATS resume.

Emphasize safety competency 

Your abilities in electrical work are important, but ensure to emphasize your safety competencies. A great electrician protects companies from damaging lawsuits, so it’s a good idea to assure hiring managers that you pay special attention to safety codes, regulations, and guidelines.

Draw attention to your safety competency by using a resume template with a separate section for certifications. Licenses and certifications can go in your education section, but having a separate header for them helps them stand out.

Assure Employers With a Powerful Electrician Resume

Electrician’s serve an important role, saving power, increasing efficiency, and ensuring safety for residential and commercial buildings alike. You can showcase these capabilities through a well-crafted electrician resume by following our best practices:

  • Focus on technical skills
  • Quantify your work achievements, showing employers measurable success
  • Emphasize your attention to safety
  • Make your certifications stand out

Let’s not waste time. Jump over to CVwizard’s Resume Builder to create your master electrician resume today.

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