Is It Worth Hiring a Resume Writer?

Is It Worth Hiring a Resume Writer?

Struggling to land a good job? Lackluster resumes are often to blame. Little ATS optimization, lengthy descriptions, and technical jargon can make hiring managers overlook your application – if they even see it in the first place. Resume writers solve these problems by helping job seekers describe their qualifications and highlight their best attributes. Are resume writing services for you? This blog discusses the pros and cons of hiring a professional resume writer.

What is a resume writer? 

A resume writer is a professional who specializes in helping people showcase their qualifications and skills by building new resumes or editing existing ones. These writers use best practices to ensure resumes use action language, utilize space efficiently,  and are optimized for applicant tracking systems.

Resume writers help clients customize their resumes for specific roles by reviewing job descriptions and adding skills and language that specific employers want. They have inside knowledge of resume best practices that their clients may lack, enabling them to craft an expert resume using industry trends.

The difference between a resume writer, a resume reviewer, and a career coach

It’s important to know the difference between these three terms as they’re similar but distinct. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Resume writer: Writes new resumes for clients, as well as editing current ones
  • Resume reviewer: Provides guidance and suggests edits to existing resumes
  • Career coach: Helps clients with a variety of career-related services, such as determining a career direction, assisting in a job search, or helping build resumes and cover letters

Depending on your career goals and budget, all three of these professionals provide valuable services to help you land better jobs.

Interested in learning more job seeker terminology? Browse our selection of resume articles for more insights.

Expert tip:

Because these terms are so similar, some resume reviewers may call themselves resume writers and vice versa. It’s also common for career coaches to offer both resume writing and reviewing. Ensure you get the right professional for you by asking detailed questions about their services before you commit to hiring one.

When it’s helpful to hire a resume writer

Are professional resume writer services for you? There are many times when it’s useful to have a professional step in and provide their expertise.

Here are the top scenarios when it’s helpful to hire a resume writer:

  • You haven’t applied for a job in a long time
  • You haven’t updated your resume in a long time
  • You have a long career (or varied work history) and need help trimming it down and finding your most relevant qualifications
  • You’re currently job hunting and you’re finding little success
  • Your career history is atypical with many different types of roles, making your work experience look disjointed

Resume writers are a great asset when a job seeker isn’t a keen writer. For example, a restaurant manager may not be able to elegantly write a resume because their expertise is in operations, customer service, and inventory.

Resume writing services also benefit highly technical professionals who may instinctually use complex industry jargon that hiring managers won’t understand.

If you’re interested in tackling this issue yourself, check out our resume examples for tips on how to write technical resumes.

The pros of hiring a resume writer

Hiring a professional resume writer carries a lot of benefits. Let’s take a look at them.

Tailored services

Resume writers typically require an interview before they start crafting or editing your resume. This means they dig down into your experience and skills, as well as your needs and career goals.

This means resume writers learn who you are and what you want, enabling them to represent you to employers in just the right way.

Expertise and experience

Certified resume writers have specialized skills in phrasing, grammar, and industry-specific standards. These people are professional writers and are especially useful for job seekers who have little skill or experience with the written word.

They can also provide expert guidance to people who are confident in their writing but need a few tips to make it shine.

Professional designs and layouts

The right resume structure is essential for improving readability and making it easier for applicant tracking systems to scan. Resume writers know ideal resume formats and which one to use for you, depending on your amount of work history, education, and skills.

Interested in having an attractive resume but not willing to hire a resume writer yet? Try one of our expertly crafted resume templates.


Professional resume writers have expert knowledge of applicant tracking systems (ATS). This means they can build an ATS resume that’s readable by the system and doesn’t get tossed out. They focus on job-relevant keywords and ensure the format is clean so ATS software can easily scan it and deliver it to the recruiting team.

It’s an investment

Some job seekers say that it’s too expensive to hire a resume writer, but fail to consider that it’s an investment in a solid future. Resume writers help you craft a resume that lands you in your dream job, supplying you with a competitive salary and halting your tiring job search.


Looking for a job is exhausting – some job seekers even say job hunting is like having a full-time job. Hiring a resume writer helps save time and mental energy so you can focus on other things, like practicing interview skills.

It’s also convenient to hire a resume writer if you’re currently working as you’re job hunting. Juggling everyday work with a job search is tiring and complex, so it’s a lifesaver to have a helping hand.

“Resume writers help you craft a resume that lands you your dream job, supplying you with a competitive salary and halting your tiring job search.”

The cons of hiring a resume writer

Resume writers are talented professionals and a great convenience during a tough job hunt, but nothing’s perfect. Here are the main disadvantages to resume writing services.


Unfortunately, no matter what the return on investment could be, some professionals just can’t afford to hire a resume writer. Most job seekers have to be careful with their funds, as they may be currently unemployed.

Fees can vary per professional, as well. This means that the services you require could be more expensive than a basic resume writer. For example, an engineer resume may be more expensive due to its complex, technical nature.

Not personalized enough

Even with an in-depth interview, a professional resume writer may not know enough about you to make a customized resume. The resulting document may sound like you didn’t make it, or worse, not accurately describe your work history, leading to mis-hires or false negatives (an employer rejecting you when you were actually qualified).

Loss of control and dependency

When you hire a resume writer you’re giving up your control over your resume. This means you may grow dependent on their expertise rather than building and strengthening your own resume-writing skills, which are invaluable to all workers.

You’ll also be sharing personal information with a resume writer, which may be a privacy concern, especially if you put your address on your resume. To mitigate this risk, research your resume writer’s credentials and verify their certifications.

The possibility of misrepresentation

Misrepresentation is a risk of working with a resume writer, and it’s seldom on purpose. Professional resume writers may unknowingly exaggerate or misinterpret your skills and work history.

This can lead to damaging results. An employer may hire you for a role you aren’t qualified for, leading to stressful work you can’t complete and poor performance. 

Plus, if an employer discovers that you misrepresented your abilities, they may think you did it on purpose, damaging your reputation.

Is it worth hiring a professional resume writer?

A professionally written resume can be just what you need to land your dream job, but they aren’t for everyone. We recommend critically examining your needs and goals, and then making an informed decision. 

Here are the main factors to consider before you hire a resume writer:

  • Your career goals
  • Your budget
  • The complexity of your needs and your current situation
  • How much time and money you’re willing (or able) to invest in your career
  • Your ability to properly research a legitimate resume writer
  • Your writing and optimization skills

Job seekers with poor writing skills and extra income should consider a professionally written resume and cover letter. Alternatively, many professionals may be tempted to hire a resume writer when they already have the skills and resources to produce a winning resume.

Remember, even if you don’t have keen writing skills, there are countless resources at your disposal to help you craft an excellent resume. Resume builders and resume templates can help you structure it, and you can even brainstorm great ideas using ChatGPT and AI tools.

Get a Helping Hand With or Without a Resume Writer

A professional resume writer can be a valuable asset to job seekers, but they aren’t necessary for everyone. They can optimize your resume for applicant tracking systems, improve formatting, and use industry trends to make it stand out.

However, they can also be pricey and may fail to properly represent you to employers. Hiring one also makes you dependent on their services, rather than building your own resume skills.

Have you made the decision that resume writing services aren’t for you? No problem – you still have help on your side. Give CVwizard’s Resume Builder a try and build a well-formatted, professional resume today.

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